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How old you were when the seed was planted for your love, money and wellbeing success and why you turn away from the ones you love the most

How to change the direction of your love life and teach your children by your own example of a lasting, loving, empowered partnership 

How to change the old, worn out old school patterns you're subconsciously passing onto your own kids

Why your children don't have to hear you crying or arguing to know there's something wrong

Why can't outrun, outsmart, or one up life and what you must do instead if you want to experience a life fulfilled, inspired, and free

Jodie Rodenbaugh, ME ED, CPC  

Jodie is a Master Love & Relationship Educator, Certified Self-Development Expert and Intuitive Healer who helps people heal the past emotional blocks and generational health, relationship, and money patterns that keep them from living the lives they came to this lifetime to live. She has worked with hundreds of clients over the last 6 years and has a mission to heal families and empower humans to heal their past pains they've been working hard to outrun or hide from so they can live a life they're proud to lead their children through.  

Widowed in 2008 with two young children and one on the way she knows what it takes to rise out of the ashes and into the light.

She is the creator of the Becoming Love Genius transformational program and Wealth Genius Living mastermind with her current husband.  

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Some Common Client Love:

I feel like I've been wearing black and white glasses my whole life and now I'm seeing in color. Life is Rich and all this in such a short amount of time! -Ali  

In September of 2016, I met Jodie. I had already started down the road of decluttering my life but I seriously had no idea what that truly meant until I started working with her. I can honestly say I had taken myself as far as I could on my own. In one 2 hour conversation she opened me up in ways not even I realized I could be opened... not long after my husband joined me and together we worked hard together to build a foundation together as a couple and also personally that no one could reach.  

It was the single best investment I’ve made in my life thus far.  

I learned (and continue to learn) so much about myself and what I’m here to do. -Stephanie  

...single best investment I’ve made in my life thus far. -Hannah